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ICO Starts in:

Pricing for ICO:

Block 1 : Total coin: 50,000,000 BRD ( Price: $ 0.8 )

Block 2 : Total coin: 50,000,000 BRD ( Price: $ 0.85 )

Block 3 : Total coin: 50,000,000 BRD ( Price: $ 0.9 )

Block 4 : Total coin: 50,000,000 BRD ( Price: $ 0.95 )

Block 5 : Total coin: 50,000,000 BRD ( Price: $ 1 )

our features

Built on Bitcoin’s Bit Cache platform, BTC Red Diamond is the advanced and improved version of Bitcoin that would eventually become the world’s leading Cryptocurrency.

Empowered users

Users are in control of all their information and transactions.

Durability, reliability, and longevity

Based upon decentralized technology, BRD does not have a central point of failure and is better able to withstand malicious attacks.

Faster Transaction Confirmation Time

BRD will take minimal transaction time ofonly 2-3 three seconds, no matter what the transactional load and frequency is.

Minimal Transaction Fee

BRD will offer significantly lower fee than any other major online payment system.

Enhanced Security

Based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm, BRD will achieve distributed consensus for every transaction, thus enhancing the security of your digital assets.

Backed by a versatile Team

BRD has the backing of people from finance, computing, online retail and other major industries, giving it the potential to become the currency of the future.

Enhanced Security

BRD enable you to get profound information on all transactions ever made. The code cannot be cracked or altered with unauthorized changes.

Support various Wallets

BRD support a variety of digital Wallets e.g. JBRD x, BRD Wallet etc. having encryption available.

Partners and Listings


Enjoy the advantages of using a public blockchain, while still being sure that their private information is protected.

Easy Mining

BRD takes far lesser amount of electricity than Bitcoin does for mining.


Create your own BRD Wallet free of cost. Send, Receive, Store, Hold or whatever you want, BRD Wallet sports it.


With BRD, you can easily carry around a million dollars’ worth of BRD in a memory card.

Transparency and immutability

Changes to public blockchain are viewable by all parties creating transparency, and all transactions are immutable, meaning they cannot be altered or deleted

Readily accessible to everyone

BRD is available for everyone and enable them to use financial services for their daily transactional processes.

How BRD Works?

By using blockchain technology and smart-contracts, we wish to give every user the ability to monetize its’ physical activity with no obstacles. Users will be given an ability to start making profit in one click.

  • BRD allows you to store value and send payments safely and securely without the need for a third party to be involved.

  • BRD resolves all of the problems associated with Bitcoin.

  • BRD uses an enhanced algorithm that would reduce the transactional time and provide an extra layer of security to your digital assets.

  • You can either store the coins locally on your PC or Mac or alternatively, you can store your coins on a Digital wallet system such as BRD Wallet or JBRD x. In either case you can transfer the BDT to other BRD users as a means of transferring the value. This enables you to buy and sell products and services.

  • The algorithm would facilitate the integration of Bitcoin Red Diamond on the crypto and ecommerce industry as well.

  • A total of 50 million i.e. 50,000,000 BRD coins will be generated ever. This will ensure that the value of BRD Coins is never inflated and in the longer run while its demands increases, its limited supply ensure that the value keeps raising.


  • A wallet that covers less space and can be used by anyone, anywhere at any time.

  • BRD comes with an array of lightweight and user-friendly wallets—for desktop, iOS, Android, and web—that provide all necessary features for convenient daily use of the cryptocurrency for your financial needs.

  • Unlike the full node wallet, there’s no physical mining of coins involved—and the distributed consensus is achieved via a proof of possession of coins in one’s wallet, thus you will not need to download the full copy of the blockchain to use BRD -Coin, resulting in usage of less space and bandwidth as compared to the full node wallet.

  • Apart from the basic functionality, BRD -Wallet will also have an array of additional features that will ensure the ultimate user experience.

RUN Coin

Non-ERC-20 token.

In-app coin that users get as a reward for beating the distance. Run coin could only be used for purchases inside the BITCOIN RED DIAMOND store or exchanged for MOVE tokens in the wallet. Run tokens could not be transfered or sold. Distribution of the RUN coin happens by BITCOIN RED DIAMOND platform.

MOVE Token

ERC-20 token.

MOVE token adheres to the ERC-20 token standard. After the launch of the platform MOVE tokens will act as the efficiency multipliers and serve as a bonus coeficient applied to the amount of RUN coins that the user will receive for their physical activity. MOVE token can be traded, sold and trasfered on the Ethereum network. During the crowdsale participants will receive MOVE tokens to the wallets they contributed from. The number of tokens is limited by the smart-contract.


Meet our team

BRD is a project created by the combined efforts of hundreds of technicians, miners, investors from all across the world.

Martin Holt

Founder and CEO

Robert Hawkins

Cofounder and CTO

James Latham

Engineering Lead

John Yates

Web Developer

Rose Harris

Community Manager
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Financial Analytics

Created with Highcharts 6.0.4Active UsersChart context menuActive Users, 2017-2022BITCOIN RED DIAMOND App Userbase20172018201920202021202202M4M6M8M
Created with Highcharts 6.0.4Token PricePriceChart context menuMOVE Token Price, 2017-2022Price201720182019202020212022$0.00$5.00$10.00$15.00$20.00

Token Sale ICO




Support BRD Project by participating in the crowdfunding.

Please send your donations/contributions to the project’s address i.e.-----

We are giving away 50,000,000 BRD during the ICO.

At the end of the Main ICO, each participant would receive BRD corresponding to the amount in US dollars they contributed. The more the number of BRD that is raised during a crowdfund, the more valuable each token will be.

Second phase: ICO

After the crowdfunding ends, the tokens will be tradable on various exchanges where its value would be determined by supply and demand.

We use the key concepts such as cap, floor, escrow, audit, bonuses, and incentives to protect crowdfund participants from unscrupulous projects, and avoid the BRD from inflation.

Application of these regulations would ensure that people trying to scam the BRD holders of their hard-earned BRD are remain unsuccessful and the token holders are rewarded for showing an enthusiasm for the project.

Unsold tokens after first and second phases of token sale will be burned. The maximum number of MOVE tokens is fixed and there will be no token minting. MOVE tokens will be issued automatically via Ethereum smart contract. ICO smart contract code on GitHub will be public and available for audit by anyone.


Use of Funds

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Roadmap for Bitcoin Red Diamond


Plans to launch the Bitcoin Red Diamond project


Completed Bitcoin Red Diamond platform system


Web site launch


Whitepaper Launch


Official Social Media Channels Launch


Marketing Started


Launch pre-ICO sale


Officially ICO live


Officially ICO live


Finished sale of ICO

20/02/2018 - 20/05/2018

Listed on the world's 20 largest Cryptocurrency trading platforms such as Bittrex, Poloniex, HitBTC.


Bitcoin Red Diamond become global payment card issued with Master Card

05/2018 - 12/2018

Set up ATMs in five countries: Canada, Australia, Korea, Japan and Singapore.


Building and connecting global payment accepting units.


- A cryptocurrency is a digital currency designed and controlled by a special encryption technology. It serves as a digital storage of value and a medium of exchange. Cryptocurrencies are getting more popular with each day. The demand for them is ever-increasing and so is the price.

- Bitcoin Red Diamond is a peer-to-peer crypto currency and can be termed as a modified version of the technology on which bitcoin was built. BRD enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone anywhere in the world. It is an open source, global payment network that is fully decentralized without being dependent on any centralized authority such as bank or government.

- To withdraw your BRD tokens, you have to set up a BRD token wallet, if you haven’t done so yet.Any withdrawal will be associated with a withdrawal fee. As a security precaution the company limits the cryptocurrency withdrawal amount to the amount of the deposit made from the card using a 3D-Secure password.

- You can use BRD Tokens nearly anywhere you can use bitcoin. The BRD Tokens website has an always-growing list of services, merchants and providers that accept BRD Tokens, ranging from ecommerce based platformsto health and beauty product merchants.
If you find any place where BRD tokens are not directly acceptable, then you can simple convert it to bitcoin or fiat money through various exchanges available worldwide.

- You can store your BRD Tokens in a BRD Wallet. For making a BRD wallet, you can either make an account directly on the BRD website or create it on various platfroms such as JBRD x, Ledger Nano S etc.

- You can reset your password, and have it sent to your e-mail.
Go to: Login -> Forgotten Password -> Complete the form -> click the button “Restore Password”
You will need to provide your e-mail for the password to be restored. You can set new password in your account on Edit profile section.

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